Maggie’s Mini Yogathon

Hot on the heels of our Yogathon success, we held a Maggie’s yoga mini-marathon! 

‘Maggie’s Manchester’ is based at the Christie Hospital. It’s a centre to support those with cancer, at any stage of their journey. Maggie’s offers practical support – such as financial advice – as well emotional support. This could range from talking support groups and helping to manage emotions, or how to have difficult conversations with loved ones.

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Now as we turn our focus to the coming months and as January draws to a close, the first signs of Spring are starting to appear. 

The ‘beginning of the end’ of winter is marked by Imbolc. In the turning of the wheel, following pagan traditions and celebrations, It’s the midway point between the winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and it falls on the 1st-2nd of February. This is known as one of the ‘cross quarter’ festivals – these days mark the midway points between the main seasonal celebrations of the Spring/Autumn Equinoxes and Summer/Winter Solstices.

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28 Days Later 

What can you do in 28 days? As we begin a new year, we might reflect on the months gone by as well as setting intentions or making resolutions for the months ahead. These might not be sweeping, life-altering intentions – but they don’t always need to be – sometimes small shifts in your behaviour or thinking can be the beginning of something wonderful.

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Embrace Winter Wellness with Reiki: Nurturing Your Body, Mind, and Soul

As winter blankets our world, it’s a time for introspection and self-care. The chilly months invite us to turn inward, focusing on our well-being and finding solace amidst the cold. One powerful way to embrace this winter season is through the ancient healing art of Reiki. Derived from Japanese tradition, Reiki is not just a practice; it’s a holistic experience that can rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul during the winter months. 

Let’s explore why Reiki is a beacon of warmth and wellness, in the midst of winter.

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New Season, New Challenges

We’re turning our focus towards cosier days – warm clothes, woolly blankets, candle-light nights and other comforting ways to sustain ourselves through the colder days (and nights). 

BUT it’s important to find a balance and not hibernate completely. Staying active during this season can help to combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), as well as keep your mind sharp and your body working – so you can hit the ground running come Springtime!

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Autumn Days

Autumn brings a promise of harvest, bounty and colour. For sun-seekers and summer-lovers, this seasonal shift can mark the slow slide towards winter days and long nights. For some of us it can feel cold and dreary as we mourn summer’s end. 

Whilst it’s important not to underestimate the effects that the changing seasons can have on mind and body, remember that with every ending, something new begins. We can try to find beauty in all the seasons – even if this one isn’t your favourite – as the wheel keeps turning, and we find ourselves in the next season of our life.

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Yoga and Injury

Injuries can happen to us at any time. On or off the mat, and sometimes with far-reaching, even life-changing consequences. 

More people are turning to yoga as part of their injury recovery, from total yoga-beginners, to professional athletes. 

So, could yoga benefit your recovery? You may already be feeling the benefits of yoga in your day-to-day life, but what about when you’re injured?

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