What can you do in 28 days? As we begin a new year, we might reflect on the months gone by as well as setting intentions or making resolutions for the months ahead. These might not be sweeping, life-altering intentions – but they don’t always need to be – sometimes small shifts in your behaviour or thinking can be the beginning of something wonderful. 

It raises an interesting question around how we spend our time, and where we place our focus. As we move into the New Year, January stretches out before us like the blank first page of a new notebook. What will we place into that space… what will we curate and create into this new year? 

28 Day Challenge

At Yoga on the Edge, we start the New Year strong with our fun 28 day Challenge. From the 1st January to the 4th of February this is a whole month (with a little wiggle room) for your practice. We know the power that a little dedication and a consistent practice can yield. So this challenge is more than just a bit of fun – it’s how we show up for ourselves for the year ahead – strong in our body, mind and our practice.

This is the 5th year for the 28 Day challenge. In 2019 Studio director Clare completed 28 classes in just one week, and in 2020 the 28 Day Challenge was launched.

Join in

This January, why not join us in making the intention to step on the mat for 28 days… This is where showing up for yourself can create huge benefits. 

January is the perfect time, as you kick start your New Year with a positive focus. During the course of your challenge, our 28 Day Challenge pass allows you to try new types of yoga, and possibly find a practice you fall in love with.

Spread over 35 days (because we know life is busy) there’s plenty of time to get in your 28 days of practice! it’s the perfect length to challenge you, but also set the foundation for positive change for your daily routine. Let your practice sustain you through some of the colder, darker days enabling you to keep showing up for yourself in a way that is positive, challenging and fun.

Habit forming 

Over the course of your month, you begin to form healthy habits through consistent practice. Tiny changes become habits, and habits become behaviour, and before long it’s second nature. 

So if there’s something that you want to call in or cultivate as we go into 2024, then now is the time to consider how you channel this pattern towards something positive. In a month’s time, you could be well on your way, or have already achieved something new.

Give yourself the gift of consistency, commitment and community as you join in with a fun, engaging activity. Our sense of community is heightened by a little (friendly) competition. If you like, you can be added to our leaderboard and take your challenge to another level. 


As an extra incentive, upon completing the 28 day challenge (within the allowed 5 weeks), your name will be entered into a draw to WIN a long weekend in Portugal courtesy of Yoga on the Edge. Buy your pass, email us with your start date, and get on your mat!

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