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Holistic Therapies at Yoga On The Edge

Yoga on the Edge hosts a number of independent therapists each week, to offer massage, naturopathic and Fascia therapy appointments as well as aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki treatments. 


Naturopathic Nutrition Consultations

Nicola is also a naturopathic Nutritionist specialising in Gut and Brain Health for adults and children. She teams up lifestyle, nutrition and supplements to give your health an amazing boost, get your mind motivated and make a bespoke plan for you to support whatever area you need some help with whether that be;

– Balancing Hormones

– Liver, Gut & Digestive Health

– Anxiety & Depression

– Weight Management

– Sports Nutrition

– Fertility & Pregnancy

– Children’s Mental Health

Call Or Email Nicola to arrange your online consultations or book an ‘In Person’ consultation on a Friday here at the studio below.


Tel: 07971649714


Nicola has specialised in back pain and sports injuries for over 15 years. She combines the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation, deep tissue sports massage, naturopathic nutrition, Kinesio taping, yoga and pilates within her treatments and rehab protocols.

All her treatments are very hands on, making stale, restricted areas mobile once more, and injecting energy and vitality back into the body. During these sessions she will educate you on where the root causes of your problems lie, how to strengthen weakened areas and open areas with limited range to create balance.

Nicola works holistically through the whole body. From movement, past history, present complaints and nutrition. It is a whole-body approach.

Nicola works every Friday from 1pm-9pm

Make Friday a complete Retreat for yourself and team Yin Yoga  up with a massage pre or post class 


Tel: 07971649714


Franziska - Fasciatherapy

Franziska Held is a devoted mother of two and an experienced Physiotherapist with nearly two decades of professional practice. She has worked with elderly postoperative patients, managed chronic pain in her private practice, and assisted young athletes at a Swiss Olympic Medical Centre. Recognizing the limitations of traditional approaches, she embraced the holistic perspective offered in Tom Myers’ ‘Anatomy Trains,’ which revealed the importance of the interconnected fascia system and the impact of distant tensions on pain. This revelation drove her to pursue a deeper understanding. She has since incorporated Anatomy Trains Structural Integration into her practice and achieved a 650-hour certification in 2022, with an ongoing commitment to learning.

To book please ask at reception or book with Franziska directly: 


Tel: 07587503223


Cathy is a massage & holistic therapist based who is available for treatments in our refresh space. 

With over 30 years of experience as a therapist and trainer, Cathryn is a truly exceptional addition to our team. 

Treatments that she offers include Massage, Facial, Waxing, Reflexology and Reiki.

To book please contact reception or Cathryn directly: 


Tel: 07964705839

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