At Yoga on the Edge, we have kept the fires burning during January with our 28 Day Challenge… we packed our Cheshire studio with yoga classes of every style, from restorative to rocket!

But now, we turn our focus to the coming months and as January draws to a close, the first signs of Spring are starting to appear. 

The ‘beginning of the end’ of winter is marked by Imbolc. In the turning of the wheel, following pagan traditions and celebrations, It’s the midway point between the winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and it falls on the 1st-2nd of February. This is known as one of the ‘cross quarter’ festivals – these days mark the midway points between the main seasonal celebrations of the Spring/Autumn Equinoxes and Summer/Winter Solstices. 

Imbolc – meaning ‘in the belly’  – is traditionally connected to the beginning of spring and the cycle of rebirth. If the winter had been a tough one, then the sight of new shoots emerging from previously frozen grounds would be a welcome sight indeed. Animals would soon be born and new seeds would be planted. The Celtic goddess of fertility Brigid was honoured, so that she would bless the land and the household. 

Christianity observes St Brigid day on the 1st of February. This day has many similarities to pagan celebrations with feasting in celebration, and creating offerings, such as the making of St Brigid’s Cross – a 4-pointed woven cross, to be hung over the door for luck. 

Things to do to celebrate Imbolc. 

You don’t have to do anything elaborate to honour this occasion (unless you want to!) It can be as simple as taking a moment to acknowledge the turning of the wheel in a way that feels authentic to you. Taking these ancient celebrations and keeping them current in our day-to-day lives allows us to live more seasonally, and in touch with nature. Through our yoga practice we cultivate connections between ourselves, the world around us, and our global consciousness. Coming back to our roots and re-connecting to nature is a way we can start to live that connection.

  • Nature walk or hike: Imbolc is a connection to nature. Look to nature for signs of spring and rebirth – earlier sunrises, blooming flowers and signs of the earth stirring back to life. 
  • Connect with traditional celebrations – such as baking bread, creating a special meal with seasonal items, or crafting. In traditional celebrations, effigies and offerings to the goddess would be made. 
  • Light a candle (or two). Like so many Celtic celebrations, fire plays an important part – in this instance to honour the returning sunlight. According to myth, Brigid was born with a flame at her head. Fire burns away what is old* and makes space for the new. So set intentions for the season ahead.
  • Spring clean and de-clutter the home. Perhaps move some things around for a fresh feel – release any stagnant winter energy and letting in a little light and space. 
  • Journal and set intentions. Starting to integrate the lessons learned from over the winter months and plant the seeds of your intentions. 
  • Plant real seeds! Time to get into the garden (or window box) and see what you could grow over the coming months.
  • Roll out your mat. Shake off some cobwebs and let your practice revitalise and spring clean both body and mind. Find a yoga class here.

*energetically speaking. Be safe with those candles! 

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