When does Autumn start? 

Well, it depends on who you ask! For some, autumn begins on September 1st – which is the start of autumn, meteorologically speaking. Its the time of new school term with feelings of rhythm, routine and newly sharpened pencils. But some take the official start of autumn from the Equinox, which marks the start of astronomical autumn – this year it falls on September 23rd.

Whichever date you prefer, autumn is definitely upon us. Read more about the equinox and how to celebrate the beauty of the changing season, on or off the mat.

The seasonal shift 

The equinox is not a fixed date. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, it occurs when the Sun crosses the ‘celestial equator’… which is the invisible projection of the Earth’s equator line into space. As the sun crosses this line, the day and night are (roughly) the same length on this day. For stargazers, the equinox is prime time for viewing the Northern Lights if you’re in the higher northern hemisphere.

From this point onwards, the nights get longer – and colder! Don’t underestimate the effects that can have on your body, and your mindset. For some of us, autumn evokes cosy feelings of brisk, beautiful days and candle-lit evenings. It heralds change, colour, and the turning of the wheel. For others, it’s the start of a cold, damp slide towards winter and a chill that cuts to the bone. 

Whatever your personal feelings towards Autumn as a season, there is power and potency in recognising that change is one of true constants, and as the long summer nights have passed, we are now in a time of transition. 

Things are slowing down. The leaves are changing colours, and as you notice the trees starting to shed their leaves, use this time to reflect on the things you would like to shed.  Make your burden a little lighter as you walk into the next phase of the year.

Consider your harvest

The full moon closest to the Equinox is traditionally known as the Harvest Moon, this year falling in early  September. It’s so named, as the full moon rises at sunset for several nights. The moon’s bright, beautiful light provided farmers extra time to gather the harvest in. 

In years gone by, you would now be taking a good look at your harvest, to see what you had to sustain you right through winter. 

So, as you look back over your efforts during spring and summer, consider what you want to preserve to sustain you through colder months. This might be more on an energetic level than a practical one – what do we need to sustain our energy levels and nourish the soul? 

Autumn Equinox celebrations 

The roughly equal length of day and night reminds us of our search for balance and this represents the duality of light and darkness in our lives. Perhaps turn this quest for balance towards your yoga practice as you adjust your practice to reflect the shift in season. 

How about a warming fiery vinyasa flow to stoke some agni (internal heat) to keep your flame burning through cooler days. Or try a restorative practice to remind yourself to slow down along with nature, and nurture yourself through autumn evenings. Check out our timetable here. 

Outside of the studio, here are some easy ways to allow a little magic into your September, tap into that connection with the natural world and honour the equinox.

If you find yourself missing the summer, remember that everything is cyclical, and these little rituals can help you find moments of joy and gratitude wherever you can.

Shed leaves 

Write the things you want to shed. Habits, behaviours, connections, things that no longer serve you in your life. You might write them down, shred them, burn them (responsibly and safely) and allow them to be released. Now you have space – space to devote to the things you want more of. The flames that you want to burn brightest in the darkness. 


In the spirit of shedding leaves, you might consider this a good time for a seasonal decluttering. Getting your home feeling clean and cosy, ready for nights in with a hot beverage and a book (or boxset).


Journal the things you are grateful for. Find the moments of beauty and warmth, and write them down as often as you can. Consider what you want to nurture and preserve for the coming months. Ask yourself what has changed for you, and allow yourself to sit with any feelings that emerge. 

Give thanks

Plan a harvest meal for family or friends. Cook with intention, choosing local, seasonal produce where you can and give thanks for the bounty available. Root vegetables, gourds, spiced teas, stewed fruits and apples are all perfect for your menu. Apples in particular are used to symbolise harvest, which sounds like a pretty good reason for apple pie, should you need one! If you’re feeling crafty, create an autumnal centrepiece abundant with the colours and scents of the season. Or carve some early pumpkins, an activity that’s not just for kids!

Get out 

In nature is where we find some of the earth’s most beautiful colours. Autumn offers up glorious sunrises and richly decorated foliage. Take time to wander amongst crunchy leaves and fallen conkers and appreciate what you find. Notice the temperature of the air on your skin and in your lungs. Leaves will drop, and seeds will lie dormant for now, to be brought forth with the spring. Now is the time for rest and stillness, in nature and in the self. Find some fresh air and breathe deep. 

Enjoy a sunset or two

Darker nights mean earlier sunsets. Drink in the glorious colour shifts across the skies. Enjoy.

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