What to expect from a gong bath

Many of us love to step into a long, relaxing bath at the end of a hard day. Soaking in, allowing troubles, tensions and stresses and aches to melt away. A bath has long been a traditional, healthy way to unwind. 

A gong bath offers much the same levels of tension-releasing, muscle-relaxing ease, but with no suds required (and clothing firmly on). 

If you are new to the idea of a gong bath (or gong spa, as they’re often named) then you are about to step into the world of sound healing. We’re talking specifically about gong baths in this post, but sound healing – and sound baths – can incorporate a wide range of soundscapes, with chimes, crystal bowls, singing bowls and much more becoming popular. 

What it’s like 

Getting into a gong bath is as easy as attending your local yoga studio. Lying down on your mat, and perhaps a blanket, get supported by any cushions, bolsters or blocks you require. Your only job here is to find a comfortable place to rest. From there, allow the sound to wash over you, with soothing vibrations to loosen any tensions or stresses you’re holding in the muscles and the mind. 

Many people find eye masks help them find an extra layer of retreat from the outside world, whilst others like to watch how the sounds are created – and it’s certainly a fascinating thing to behold. 

As you’d expect from a gong bath, there are gongs in varying sizes and sounds suspended from a large frame. Some gong baths may use solely gongs, others incorporate other instruments… chimes, crystal bowls, drums, and all manner of devices that invite the sound of wind, rain, or waves into your soundscape. Depending on your sound-healing practitioner, they may move around the room, creating an immersive 360 experience. The vibrations of sound seem to reflect from every surface – through the floor, walls and the air, creating that feeling that the sound is washing over you. 

It is a beautifully orchestrated experience that guides the participants through a journey. Each moment of sound and silence is carefully used to counterpoint each other as they work a subtle magic on mind and body. 

The variation in sound is vast – and have been described as ‘primordial’ sounds, creating lush textures to be found throughout the layers. All this contributes to an experience that is all-encompassing. As immersive as stepping into a soothing bath. 

Yin and Gong events at Yoga on the Edge 

Martyn Cawthorne of Gong Spa has offered several gong events at Yoga on the Edge, most recently combined with a very chilled session of yin yoga – with the gongs as their soundtrack. He says, 

A gong bath is a timeless moment for you. When the gongs are played you will likely find yourself drawn into the hypnotic sounds while layer upon layer of vibrations touch your body, mind and heart. 

Following the waves of sound with a naturally arising, loving awareness, the mind tends to soften, releasing its grip and relinquishing its desire to control. As the boundaries of the mind dissolve, one may enter a flowing, timeless state in which the intuitive capacity can be awakened, and transformation can be a natural occurrence. Witnessing the unfolding of our self from within a womb-like sensation of love and security, we may even pass through cathartic experiences as our deepest self watches on, eternally unblemished, beyond all experience. When the last sounds have passed, and a few moments of silence have been allowed, you will be gently called back, at which time you may wish to take a few moments to come back around before heading off home

Be sure to join us at the next Yin and Gong event – book now or check out www.gongspa.co.uk.

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