Ashleigh is a Reiki healer and one of our Holistic Therapists.  Onsite weekly by appointment every Sunday 9am-noon & 3pm till 6pm and Monday’s between 7pm – 9pm

Contact Ashleigh directly for all enquiries and bookings

Call: 07581074773


Instagram: @unalome_healing

I’d like to start by introducing myself and how my journey has brought me to where we are today…

A very personal traumatic event in 2019 resulted in my breaking down and whilst I was trying everything within my grasp to heal myself, I knew fundamentally that something was missing. I’d only received Reiki on a few occasions during acupuncture but a dear friend referred me to a Reiki practice which had incredibly touching reviews, so I naturally raced to book my appointment in desperation to be ‘fixed’. But what I found from that experience was so much more and I have since continued to grow, taking each life event as a lesson to learn from and connect back to the universe, ground myself and progress on my journey.

Subsequently, the ‘Unalome’ in my business name is a Buddhist symbol encompassing within it the entire philosophy of human existence and represents our life journey and the path to enlightenment. Personally, I feel that it sums up the journey which I am on perfectly.


“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’ and is a natural healing process based on the energy that flows through us, and everything we see and touch.

We each have 7 main wheels of energy (known as chakras) throughout our bodies, and sometimes these become blocked.

By using Reiki, we can bring balance to our lives which is believed to reinforce the body’s natural ability to self heal. Reiki is not based on a belief system and is open to anyone to receive including animals and plants, as well as children!

So why did I take it forward?

Have you ever wondered if your life is destined to be doing something other than what you’re doing right now? Well that was me. I came to realise that this is where I have passion, I love what Reiki did (and still does) for me, and I want to share this with you, so I progressed to do my Reiki level 2 qualification. I also tend to incorporate crystals into my practice as standard, this is purely due to personal experience and my oh my, when you look into the properties of crystals you just fall in love!


Reiki is a very simple holistic therapy; you remain clothed, lie on the therapy bed and there is minimal to no touching required. Using intention, Reiki is also available from a distance – don’t be fooled, my hubby and I witnessed it on our cat, Maisey, 3 times and that simply blew our minds!

Every Reiki treatment, from one person to the next and from each appointment to the next, is completely unique. It is tailored to what is going on with your energy at that moment in time. That can never be replicated, though the benefits can be immeasurable.

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