By Maria Pringle

I’m so excited to meet some new faces, but before I do I thought I’d introduce myself and share my background story.

My name is Maria, I’m originally from the Lakes but recently moved to Knutsford. 
I’m a qualified Complementary Therapist and if I were to tell you one thing I love about my job, it’s how I can change how someone is feeling and really make a difference to their day.   

I created my business “A Beautiful Therapy” after going through a really difficult period in my life. Complementary therapy really helped me to heal, and since then I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world with my qualification. 

My last project was with OneSpaWorld, where after a vigorous 3-week selection process, I was selected to join the ultra-luxury 6-star cruise line, Seabourn Sojourn, which was ranked the number one luxury cruise line in the world. I travelled around America and the Caribbean and finally had an opportunity to understand my roots. 
When I decided to explore health and beauty, my plan was to gain a qualification in Sports Massage given my sporting background, but Complementary Therapy sparked my interest and before I knew it I was back at college.

Anyway, for those of you who aren’t quite sure what Complementary Therapy is…
It’s a therapy used alongside conventional medicine to boost physical and emotional health. There are many different treatments involved such as Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage Facials etc. I tailor my treatments to suit your individual needs based on how you’re feeling after an in-depth consultation. The one size fits all approach really doesn’t resonate with me and all my individual treatments are sure to move you into a deep state of relaxation. Even when I’m breaking down stubborn knots I’ll end the treatment with some relaxation techniques. 

I love experimenting with different types of massage techniques and the more treatments I do, the more I feel at home. Complementary Therapy is in my blood! Hopefully, I will get the chance to talk you through the individual treatments and their benefits soon. I’m always happy to take a call.

Connecting with people physically and mentally is also really important to me. What I find most rewarding is being able to help people achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Whether it’s a short-term fix or an ongoing journey, I love getting to know my clients and playing a key role in improving their health and wellbeing.

Before my career in health and beauty, I worked in recruitment for years and eventually went solo. It had its perks, but I found it highly volatile and it always resulted in constant highs and lows. I really didn’t flow for me. I was up and down like a yoyo. I did learn a lot from that journey and what stuck with me the most was how important it is to look after yourself. Life is not just about work.  

I remember in extremely trying periods I had to think about how I could reduce my stress levels and recharge my batteries and exercise was my saviour. I’ve always been active, mixing things up with running, yoga classes and weights, but for me, it still wasn’t enough. I really struggled to relax. I also started to get headaches and pain in my neck and shoulders and after chatting to a friend, she suggested that I treat myself to a massage. So off I went for some well needed TLC and I didn’t look back. Massage was the final thread of self-care that was missing from my life. Even a few days after a treatment I felt much calmer, my shoulders dropped and my body relaxed. 

After numerous visits, slowly but surely I had less aches and pains and my stress levels had lifted. I am not saying my aches and pains disappeared for good, they still rear their ugly head from time to time but when they do, I’m off for a treatment, which always leaves me feeling like a new woman. So, I guess what I am saying about Complementary Therapy is – if you have  never tried it, give it a go. Who doesn’t want to improve their health and wellbeing!?

I hope I get a chance to meet you soon.

Yoga On The Edge is totally my vibe.

Maria x

Maria is available for complementary therapy sessions in our Refresh Space – Booking can be made through your Yoga on The Edge app, by enquiring at reception or by contacting Maria:

Email: Tel: 07854037403

Services Offered:

Swedish Massage I Deep Tissue Massage I Aromatherapy Massage I Coconut Poultice Massage I Bamboo Massage I Natural Facelift I Reflexology

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