This month we have had the Spring Equinox where day and night became (almost) equal in length, and this weekend the clocks changed to British summer time. So, there’s no denying that spring is on the march! Whilst we may still be wearing our big coats, and squinting at the sky for glimpses of blue, the signs of spring are starting to bloom. 

Off the mat, there are plenty of ways to honour the season… It’s time for a spring clean, plant some new seeds, and enjoy the lengthening evenings. You might be craving fresh foods and decorating with fresh flowers in the home. The amount of daylight will keep increasing now, until the Summer Solstice in June. Lighter mornings might mean earlier starts, and the increasing amount of sunlight encourages birdsong to make your mornings even sweeter. Staying attuned to the subtle shifts of the season might mean you start to notice spring blossoms and baby animals emerging. 

Seasonal Shake Up

On the mat, how about a few shifts to reinvigorate and energise your practice? Renew your energy on the mat and let it flow through all that you do.

Here’s 5 easy ways to invite spring into your practice – Yoga on the Edge style! 

Embrace Change 

At Yoga on the Edge we are embracing change in a big way this year! At the start of April we are moving into our new studio. We’ve loved our time on London road, but change is one of life’s true constants, so we are excited to start this new chapter with the new season. We’ve given our new studio a makeover and it is looking fresh and beautiful – ready to welcome you.

Embracing change can be difficult, and the passage of time sometimes throws up challenges and mixed emotions. On the mat is where we work through some of the things that weigh heavy on us. In the spirit of embracing change, visit us in our new studio… and why not try a new style of class, or new teacher. These little shifts can be really potent for your practice.

Get Outside 

Maybe hold onto this one for a few weeks, but when the weather allows, practice yoga outside! There is nothing nicer than being able to feel grounded with the earth directly beneath your feet, and the breeze on your skin. Dig your toes into the dirt, listen to the birds and savasana in the sun. 

Welcome Warmth 

Spring energy brings renewal and transformation. Adding a fiery element to your practice allows you to cast off the things that no longer serve you and throw them into the (metaphorical) fire. We have a full timetable of heated classes which are perfect for this, and you might experiment with Vinyasa and Ashtanga practice to really tap into that agni (inner fire).

Get Playful 

We might not be quite frolicking in the fields just yet, but we can be inspired by the baby animals and their playful, inquisitive nature. Your yoga practice is a perfect opportunity for self enquiry, to uncover new things about yourself. Why not try new asanas that allow you to embrace the playful side of yourself. We have Handstand and Inversion workshops coming up to allow you to flip your perspective and literally look at things from another angle. Also stay tuned for our much anticipated Aerial Yoga classes in the new studio. 


Harness the transformative power of the season to create fresh starts to set intentions for the season ahead. Think of your intentions as planting seeds… nature doesn’t have a deadline, so you don’t either. Plant the seeds of your intention… nurture it, give it space and get ready to bloom. 

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