“It is with willingness and openness that we actively work together to build our community based on health, wellness and positive support.”

We do not ask our members to dedicate to practice every day, nor do we demand that you be a contortionist. We simply ask you to enter our space with willingness and open mind as you explore your practice, allowing your yoga to find you.

We will all work collaboratively to help each student along their yoga path, enabling them to develop a practice that brings full benefit to the requirements of the body whilst aligning with the soul. These statements of the philosophy at the centre of our practice and space are important to us as a studio. Yoga is a practice which has been passed down through the centuries because of its universality and it is this that we place at the centre of our community. No one is ‘too’ anything to practice with us and we actively encourage those looking to forge new connections, explore their relationship with themselves and take time, to get involved. Whether it is one class a week, once a year at a yogathon or every day, we welcome everyone into our space.

The connections that we have already forged are starting to take root in the form of collaborations within our village community here in Alderley Edge. We will be working with local specialists and businesses to provide you with invaluable information & services to compliment your yoga practice.

Through all my global yoga travels, I have also met many great teachers and thanks to the power of zoom we are now also able to offer workshops and Q&A sessions with these teachers, who may be able to help and guide you further.

If you have any suggestions of anything that you would like to collaborate with us on or if you think that we could help you or your business either through practice or the use of our space, please just drop us a message using the contact form or email us: info@yogaontheedge.co.uk, and we will have a chat about how we can progress together.

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