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Our Space

In the heart of Alderley Edge village, our airy and welcoming studio awaits you…

When you step off the main street and into our studio, you step into a sanctuary – where our every decision is made with you in mind. Start your yoga journey today.

A Thriving Community Built on
Compassion & Openness

Off The Mat

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Yoga for Mental Health

 It may be widely accepted that yoga improves flexibility and health of the body. But what about the mind?  In 2022 - post-lockdowns, modern society has a combination of stresses unique to our time. So, can yoga – an ancient, holistic system – have any benefit in modern-day management of mental wellbeing?
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Community at our Core

At the core of Yoga on the Edge is the community we build. We want our studio space to act as a retreat from the outside world as well as a place to connect to those within it.
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(Why you can’t) Beat a Retreat

Fancy working on your asana for a weekend in Wales? How about a savasana on sun-kissed shores? You’re not alone…  Yoga retreats have exploded in popularity in recent years, and with good reason. 
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