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Our Space

Our welcoming and airy space is nestled in the heart of Alderley Edge Village, everything about the studio has been considered with our members in mind. We welcome all abilities and have cultivated an environment where every yogi can discover their own yoga journey, exploring their capabilities and thriving . We have created a true haven of tranquillity for you to enjoy practice safely.

We believe that yoga is an immersive experience, so we use a cutting-edge sound system, carefully paired aromas and sacred crystals from the four corners of the globe, to allow you to find your own moment of śāmana.

A Thriving Community Built on
Compassion & Openness

Off The Mat

Introducing A Beautiful Therapy

By Maria Pringle I’m so excited to meet some new faces, but before I do I thought I’d introduce myself
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What’s the Difference Between Stress & Anxiety?

By Sonia Morales, Integrative Health and Wellness. Mind Body Medicine

What is stress and anxiety and when does it become an issue? In this post Sonia explores these topics as well as providing some techniques and coping mechanisms to deal with day to day stress and anxiety.
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Cocktails & Canvas

With Kelly Conniff & The Hannah Whitley Foundation

Cocktails ‘n’ Canvas aims to provide an easy way to enjoy art in a fun social setting
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Our Space is Available
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