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‘Refresh on the Edge’ is our subterranean hidden treasure

Descend the plant-covered staircase to discover pre- and post-yoga treats such as ‘breathe’ ‘balance’ or ‘chill out’ teas, or relax with one of our Matcha Latte, Calming Cacao or Supernova Latte blends.

Be sure to sample our vegan brownies, flapjacks & ‘clever cake’ with a se-lection of juices.We’re working with local practitioner Nicola Charnock to provide wellness packages such as liver cleans-es and detox juices.

Refresh on the Edge also hosts a number of independent therapists each week, to offer massage appointments and aromatherapy treatments.


Nicola has specialised in back pain and sports injuries for over 15 years. She combines the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation, deep tissue sports massage, naturopathic nutrition, Kinesio taping, yoga and pilates within her treatments and rehab protocols. 

All her treatments are very hands on, making stale, restricted areas mobile once more, and injecting energy and vitality back into the body. During these sessions she will educate you on where the root causes of your problems lie, how to strengthen weakened areas and open areas with limited range to create balance. 

Nicola works holistically through the whole body. From movement, past history, present complaints and nutrition. It is a whole-body approach.


Complimentary therapy is used alongside conventional medicine to boost physical and emotional health.

Using a range of treatments from body Massage to Reflexology. Maria tailors her treatments to suit your individual needs. All individual treatments are sure to move you into a deep state of relaxation.

Bookings can be made with reception or by contacting Maria directly: 


Tel: 07854037403


Sheila from Yogalistics is a resident therapist on a Tuesday at Yoga On the Edge. She offers the following treatments: 

Swedish Massage

Aromatherapy Massage


This complementary style of therapeutic treatment is for those of you looking to relax and unwind rather than deal with injuries or ailments.

To book please ask at reception or book with Sheila directly: 


Tel: 07530 683081


Lisa is a Reiki practitioner based in Cheshire. She specialises in the treatment of stress relief, anxiety and addiction.

Reiki is a totally harmless holistic therapy treatment that rebalances the energy of every living thing.

The Reiki practitioner gently lays their hands on or above the body’s energy centres to clear energetic blockages and balance energy.  

To book please contact reception or Lisa directly: 


Tel: 07515372952

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